Jack Kirby – King of Comics

I love this book bottom line!!! This is such a great book and this is my tribute to the great Jack Kirby. I still yet to master his art style, but consider this on my to do list.




The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham, this is a great book read for those wanting to understand the terms of investing and to have some Warren Buffett like skills to investing this is a great read. Ben Graham being the man that Warren Buffett actually studied under. Some people or quote *Brokers* feel that Warren’s Buffett’s methods of investing are done but I beg to differ, the best investment advise I’ve understood from Warren is “The Best investment is your own”.



I gotta get some work done but love these pics by ramskii I luv travel and photography, i think these photos are great inspiration





Jay-Z Rhapsody Commercial

This Commercial was so nice I had to add it, this commercial shows HOV in a photo shoot of all his album covers except…..for one….now thinking about it, I’ll let you figure out what that one is